UC Freshmen : Placement Test(English & Math)


English Placement Test

The UCs have modified how incoming freshmen should satisfy the systemwide Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR):

You can satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement by earning qualifying test scores and grades, passing the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) or following campus-specific procedures if your campus offers an alternative to the AWPE.

If you intend to enroll at UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Merced, UC Riverside or UC San Diego, you may fulfill your Entry Level Writing Requirement with the Analytical Writing Placement Exam.

If you intend to enroll at UC DavisUC IrvineUC Santa Barbara or UC Santa Cruz, you will need to review your campus’s instructions for meeting the Entry Level Writing Requirement.

The AWPE 2021 exam will be held on Saturday, May 22nd.

Find out how to satisfy ELWR by qualifying test scores and grades here.

Math Placement Test

There is no systemwide math placement test. Math placement test requirements vary between UC campuses and often by major. You should inquire whether a math placement test is needed during orientation.