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샌디에고 에스디사람

타운 단체, 모임

한국) 글로벌선진학교 교사채용공고

Incorporated Association Global Education Mission (GEM) and its affiliated institute Global Vision Christian School (GVCS) are communities which aim and promote the prosperity of all mankind and train future global leaders who will bring world peace.

Global Vision Christian School (GVCS) was built on 2003 and is registered in Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). GVCS is unique compare to US middle school and high school system, Korean public and private school system. It is based on the president’s educational policy.



Campus: Eumseong



1) English(ESL) Who majored in English or Journalism

- Who majored in Communication, Media, related with Literatures


2) Social Studies Economy

- Business & Marketing


Campus: Mungyeong



1) English Who majored in English or Journalism

2) Social Studies Economy

- Business & Marketing


1) Christian living a life of faith; Christian denomination not specified

2) Minimum bachelor's degree

3) Person with a missionary mindset for education

4) Person who majored in the subject of teaching or who possesses a teaching certificate (preferred)


Screening of documents

1) Teaching Application (GVCS format)

2) Presurvey (GVCS format)

3) Diploma

4) Transcript

5) Lecture video clip (10~ 15min length)


***Processing starts after above documents are submitted.



1) Salary : 2.4 Million Won ~ / per month

If Re-new contract provide special bonus (based on policy)

2) Airplane ticket expenses, moving expenses (based on school policy) [Round trip]

3) 11 days paid vacation per year

5 days research vacation are given during summer and winter vacation

(Vacation days will give according to years of service, after 1 year can get 15days.)

4) Housing provided

5) Lunch provided (Dinner will be provided when there is overtime work)

6) Severance pay


Application Process

1) Screening of documents

2) Interview

3) Notification of acceptance

** During interview need to prepare Demo lecture


Apply Now

1) Call: +82-54-559-7033 Chris Yang

2) Email : recruit@gemgem.org

3) Deadline : July 28th (Fri)

4) Starting Date : Late July (After the interview we might notice this)


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