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샌디에고 에스디사람


샌디에고 영어 ESL / Tutoring 관련 도우미 리스트 입니다.

운영자 0 3916

많은분들이 영어 과외, ESL 수업에 대해 문의하셔서 앞으로 이 공간을 통해 영어 Tutoring 관련 전문인들의 리스트를 제공합니다.  이 색션에 정식 등록을 원하시는 경우 info@sdsaram.com 으로 문의 주시면 검토후 등록해드리겠습니다.





 John Choi


As you know Korean adults have a huge difficulty in mastering proper pronunciation in English, the sounds that they don't have in Korean such as Th, L, R, Z, V, and F. I show them how to generate proper sounds for those consonants. At the same time, I teach them how a given sentence sounds as a whole. My students tell me that my class is so fun that they can't wait till the next lesson. My class material is from Youtube and I assign homework every day. Some of the students come back with the memory of the complete lesson of the previous day.


Place: Korean Senior Center, actually space leased from the Korean United Methodist Church of San Diego:  6709 Convoy Court, San Diego, CA 92111

Class Hours: 9:30 AM - 11: 30 AM with a 10-minute break.

Contact: John Choi, Phone and Text: 619-818-8940, 

Class Open 12 Months per Year, except for two weeks of summer vacation.


This is entirely volunteer work and therefore totally tuition-free class. Potential students can come and try it out before full commitment. Even after enrollment, one can leave class at will.

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