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샌디에고 에스디사람


마스터룸 렌트

ggum 1 624


-Mesa college, USD 인근 Linda Vista 2bed/2bath 아파트 

 넓고 깨끗한 마스터룸(13*13싸이즈, two closet+샤워+화장실, 냉장고렌트

-버스정류장 5분, 콘보이, 시온마켓,다운타운,바닷가,쇼핑(패션밸리,미션밸리)15분이내

 주택가 주변 위치해 스트릿주차 어렵지 않음조용하고 안전함  

-현재 남자2명, 여자1명 거주/모두 학교,직장으로 오전 일찍 나가서 늦은 시간 귀가    

 각자 공간이 충분히 분리사용되어 불편함은 없음

-집에서 파티,담배등 X    


-마스터 룸 디파짓$700

-렌트비 1인 거주 시$780 (유틸 포함) 2인 거주 시 각 $460(유틸 포함)

-12월1일부터, 또는 바로 입주 가능


-제가 일하는 중에는 통화가 어려우니 관심 있으신 분들은 간단한 자기 소개(이름,성별,계약기간,직업)를 문자 메세지로 부탁드립니다.





   Master Room Rent (Mesa College, near USD)


- Nearby Mesa college, USD. Linda Vista 2bed / 2bath Apartments

  Spacious and clean master room (13 * 13, two walk in closet + shower + toilet) Rent

- Bus stop 5 minutes, Convoy, Zion Market, Downtown, Beach, Shopping (Fashion Valley, Mission Valley) within 15 minutes

  It is located in a residential area and is not difficult to park on the street, quiet and safe

- Currently (2male, 1female) residence / all go to school, work early,

  There is no inconvenience because each space is sufficiently separated and used

- At home parties, cigarettes, etc. X


- Master Room Deposit $ 700

- $ 780 (including utilities) for 1 person renting $ 460 (including utilities) for 2 people

- From December 1, or can move in immediately


- I have difficulty making calls while I am working. If you are interested, please send a message about brief self introduction (name, gender, contract period, job)



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