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Hiring for Logistics / Human Resources Professional (물류 - 인사담당 채용 모집)

SCOTT39 0 591

Samsung International Inc., will hire the professionals who have the innovative and sincere mind.



O Job Position : Associate or Assistant Manager

O Job Open

   ∙ 1 person : Logistic/SCM communication between sales and suppliers

   ∙ 1 person : Human Resources Management


    ※ Detail job for Logistics

     ▷ Urgent shipment, Exceptional delivery, Clients management

   ∙ Tracking of delivery chain, Monitoring 3PL vendors

   ∙ Weekly KPI controlling for saving cost and delivery cost


    ※ Detail job for HR

     ▷ Payroll, Employees Profile Management, HRIS,

         Compliance, Office Management



O Requirements

   ∙ US Citizens or Permanent residents

   ∙ Preference on professional experiences in related work field

   ∙ Preference on the official certifications or degrees in related work field

   ∙ SAP, MS Office (Excel, PPT, etc) Proficiency 

   ∙ Fluent English / Preference on Korean or Spanish


O Work-site : Chula Vista / Otay Office, California


O Application : danyshin.kim@samsung.com (Daniel)  





O 직급 : 사원 ~ 대리

O 주요 업무

   1) 공장 ~ 판매법인간 물류 Communication 전담 1명

   2) HR담당 (Payroll 및 기타 제반사항) 1명


    ※ 물류 부문 세무 직무

     ▷ 긴급운송, 예외처리, 거래선 이슈 등

   ∙ 운송 Tracking 예외상황 모니터링 및 3PL 대응독려

   ∙ 주단위 KPI 관리 및 개선추진

   ∙ 예외 물류비 발생 검증 


    ※ HR 부문 세무 직무

     ▷ Payroll, 임직원 Profile 관리, HRIS, Office Management, 컴플라이언스


O 자격조건

   ∙ 미국 시민권 또는 영주권자 대상

   ∙ 물류 혹은 인사 관련 경력자 우대

   ∙ 해당 업무 관련 유효자격 보유자 우대

   ∙ SAP, MS Office (Excel, PPT 등) 사용자

   ∙ 영어 / 스페인어 / 한국어 능통자 우대


O 근무지 : 미국 Chula Vista 및 Otay Office


O 연락처 : danyshin.kim@samsung.com (Daniel)   

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